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Retrofitting Hurricane Clips: Is It Possible or Is There a Better Option?

Hurricanes and hurricane-strength windstorms are a reality in Florida. Homeowners need effective ways to protect themselves from these weather concerns. Many homeowners have heard about hurricane clips as a way to reinforce their homes. If you own a home, perhaps you’ve asked if hurricane clips can be retrofitted to a house. Possibly, you’ve wondered if [...]


Re-roofing Your House: Can It Be Done in Sections?

As a homeowner, have you ever wondered if a roof can be replaced in sections? For example, assume that your roof suffers severe damage only in one relatively small area. Does your entire roof require replacement? Or can you save time and money by removing and replacing only the damaged portion? […]


Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Repairs? Understanding Your Policy

Central Florida residential homeowners may not understand whether their homeowner’s insurance policy will cover roof repairs. A roof repair may not necessarily be a high-cost loss. However, many homeowners unthinkingly assume roof repairs are still indemnified, or insured. Conversely, other homeowners might surmise roof repairs aren’t insured since they don’t rise to the level of [...]


Exploring the Fine Print: What Type of Warranty Coverage does Alan’s Roofing Offer?

Most homeowners and business owners generally understand the term “warranty.” They likely believe that a warranty offers some level of consumer protection on a purchased good or service. However, it is doubtful that most have actually read the fine print in their warranty. Unfortunately, these details matter when determining whether a warranty covers a particular [...]


What’s the Best Shingle Color for Your Home?

What is the best shingle color? The answer depends on the eye of the beholder. Now, more than ever, Florida homeowners have choices when selecting the best shingle color for their roof. The possibilities are endless. Ultimately, suppose a homeowner wishes to secure a particular shingle color. In that case, they need to work with [...]


Alan’s Roofing Utilizes Owens Corning Shingles: The Ultimate Shingles for Beautiful, Durable and Energy-efficient Roofs

For homeowners and businesses throughout Central Florida, the value of Owens Corning shingles cannot be underestimated. As North America’s most recognizable asphalt shingle manufacturer, Owens Corning provides unparalleled quality that ensures maximum, long-term performance.  […]


Securing Your Roof: Essential Steps to Prepare for a Hurricane

Do you know how to prepare your house or commercial building for a hurricane? Hurricanes are a harsh and unpleasant reality in the State of Florida. Unfortunately, residential homeowners and commercial building owners often bear the brunt of loss when a hurricane strikes. Hurricane preparedness is not optional – it is a necessity. Minimizing or [...]


Behind The Scenes: The Most Common Roof Repairs We See

If you have been wondering what types of roof repairs Alan’s Roofing performs, you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in roofing services, including roof repairs for residential homeowners and commercial building owners throughout Central Florida. In particular, we focus on asphalt shingle roof repair. […]


Roofing The Smart Way: Roofing Financing Options For Florida Homeowners

How will I ever afford the price of a new roof? Have you ever asked yourself that question as a homeowner or business owner? Everyone knows that the cost of a new roof is a significant expense. Few realize that roofing financing options exist for all financial abilities. Even for an individual or business with [...]


Timing Is Everything: When To Replace Your Roof Shingles

Timing is everything. That’s what they say, anyway. But how do you know when the right time is to complete this project or take care of that responsibility? Who actually has any idea? If you own a home, you likely have an asphalt shingle roof. As time passes, the roof ages. When does the moment [...]

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