Behind The Scenes Of Your Residential Flat Roof Replacement

How long will it take for my flat roof to be replaced? This may sound like a simple question with a straightforward answer. However, the answer is anything but. While most flat roof replacement projects could be completed within one working day, there are many factors which could make the installation longer.

Extent of Work

The area of your roof can affect how long your replacement takes to install. Typically, it will take longer to tear off  a large roof than it than a small one. The type of decking used can also add to the length of time it takes to install a new roof, albeit to a smaller extent. If the roof decking is damaged, it would need to be replaced.


Flat roofs are usually pretty straightforward, making it easier for roofers to get around on. However, roofs with chimneys, vents, HVAC units, or skylights will require a bit more time and attention. These features are extremely vulnerable to leaks and for this reason, they need special attention to ensure you get a leak-free roof.


Roofing work is prone to interruptions caused by bad weather. Depending on when you’re having your home’s roof replaced, there’s always a possibility rain and other weather conditions will make it impossible for roofers to work on certain days. Too much rain, hail, wind, and heat can force roofing crews to stop working until it is safe.

Seasons also determine how long it will take to fit a roof. Roof replacements can be delayed due to rain forecasts as risking rain when the old roof is off and the new one is going on is something you’ll want to avoid. The high heat and humidity of summer can make it unpleasant for crews, forcing them to take frequent breaks.

While roofers will do their best to get the job done in time, they can only do so if it’s “weather permitting.”

Type of Material

There are many different types and styles of roofing materials you could go for when replacing your flat roof, including MuleHide TPO and Owens Corning Deck Seal.

The type of material you choose to have installed can help determine the length of your roof replacement. Some materials need more work while others need to be handled a bit more carefully. Ready to get started on your residential flat roof replacement in Central Florida? Choose an experienced, well-equipped roofing contractor who will ensure you get a quality new roof in a timely and efficient manner. At Alan’s Roofing we give each roof replacement project the time and attention it deserves to ensure our customers get a cozy and leak-free home. Contact us today for a free estimate.