Roofing The Smart Way: Roofing Financing Options For Florida Homeowners

How will I ever afford the price of a new roof? Have you ever asked yourself that question as a homeowner or business owner? Everyone knows that the cost of a new roof is a significant expense. Few realize that roofing financing options exist for all financial abilities. Even for an individual or business with [...]


Is Roof Replacement Tax Deductible? A Guide to The Tax Implications of Replacing Your Roof

Roof replacements are an expensive, but often necessary, expenditure for homeowners and businesses. Accessing some tax benefit, such as a deduction, credit, or rebate, for replacing a roof helps ease the financial burden. If you own a residential home or commercial building in Central or Southwest Florida, you need an answer to the question, “Is [...]


Where To Look & Why To Look There: Tips for Routine Roof Maintenance Checks

As busy homeowners, we all balk at anything that takes extra time. Most of us know it will require time to mow the lawn, keep up with landscaping & clean the windows. But when it comes to the roof of our home, many of us fall short simply because we’re unsure about what needs to [...]


Flat Roof Layers: What Are They & What Does Each One Do?

Most builders consider the roof the most essential part of any building besides its foundation. While numerous types of roofs exist, they can be broadly divided into two categories – flat roofs and sloped roofs. Generally, residential properties favor sloped roofs, while commercial buildings prefer flat roofs.  […]


Roof Maintenance: Why It’s An Important Choice For Your Home & Business

The roof of your home or building plays an essential role in keeping the interior safe and dry. You might not think about your roof much until something goes wrong. When that happens, you could be looking at costly repairs. Roof maintenance can help you avoid these problems in the first place. Having your residential [...]


TPO Roof Systems: Is It The Right Fit For My Needs?

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient and cost-effective roofing material for your flat roof, TPO roof systems may have crossed your radar. This thin and reflective roof system is growing in popularity because of the many advantages it provides. So, what is TPO roofing, and is it right for your roof? Keep reading our guide [...]


5 Ways Ventilation Fans Protect Your Commercial Roof

Low-slope commercial roofs are economical solutions to challenges faced by Florida businesses. They can provide unobstructed, wide spans and make annual maintenance by commercial roofers efficient. The one drawback of low-slope roofs: natural ventilation. With nearly imperceptible pitches, commercial roofs cannot generate convection currents within their roof decks. Ventilation fans are central components in roofing [...]


What Do You Need To Know About Roof Replacements And Building Regulations?

Central Florida has suffered through multiple destructive hurricanes and severe storms over the last few decades. For example, Hurricane Andrew left homeowners and business owners grappling with huge losses, a testimony that adverse weather can cause tremendous damage and affect thousands of lives and homes. To minimize such damages in the future, Florida has enacted [...]

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