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Making sure you have prompt repairs done on your commercial roof is an important part of keeping it in outstanding condition over the years. How do you know what you’re paying for in terms of repair costs, though?

Roofing contractors who don’t provide reliable service can easily cost you a lot of money and lead to trust issues between you and your tenants and visitors. Some of these roofers might fail to communicate with you before, during, and after repairs. Others might give you a quote, then add additional costs later on.

You might not know exactly how much your commercial roofing repairs will cost, but the following factors can affect the overall price.

Leak Location

Where a leak is located can significantly affect how much you pay for repairs. Leaks located in an area of your commercial roof that’s more difficult to reach are likely to cost more to repair.

Type of Roof

The type of roof on your commercial building can have a big impact on the cost to fix it. Certain materials, such as metal, might cost more to repair or replace compared to single-ply or asphalt roofs.

Height, Pitch, and Access

Commercial roofs with a steep pitch or greater height typically cost more to fix. Repair costs are also generally higher for roofs which don’t allow easy access. Roofers have to take more precautions when walking around doing repairs, which can raise labor costs.

Type of Damage

The kind of damage your commercial roof has affects how much you’ll pay. For example, structural issues tend to cost more to repair than fixing ripped shingles or leaking around flashing.

Extent of Damage

Severe damage to one area or widespread damage affecting a large part of the roof result in higher costs. Minor damage to commercial roofs costs less. Keep in mind not having minor damage fixed can lead to more severe damage.

Geographic Location

Local codes, weather conditions, and other factors can increase the cost of repairs depending on your geographic location.

Warranty Status

You might end up paying more for commercial roof repairs if your warranty has expired or if the repairs don’t meet certain eligibility requirements.

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