4 Benefits Of Using Only Licensed Contractors For Your Roof

Know what a carroter is? It is not someone dealing with vegetables; it’s a person who turns animal pelts into felt. How about an amalgamator? Amalgamators operate machinery separating gold and silver from raw ore. What is a licensed roofing contractor? Oooh … that’s a tough one! But it is one any central Florida homeowner should know. 


Florida does not require every business to hold a state license to operate. Roofers of high quality apply for and earn licenses from the state and can proudly display their license numbers. 

For example, Alan’s Roofing is listed with Florida’s Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) as a Certified Roofing Contractor:

  • License Number: CCC13CCC046942
  • Status: Current, Active
  • Licensure Date: 03/25/1989
  • Expires: 08/31/2024

How does a contractor with a professional license help you? To begin, the contractor has to pay for the privilege of registering with the state and must demonstrate that the contractor’s employees are protected with Workers’ Compensation insurance. The state certifies a contractor’s competency to perform the described work. 

Also, if you ever have an issue with the work performed by a licensed contractor, you have recourse. You can file a complaint with the DBPR, which can hold hearings, administer disciplinary proceedings, and revoke a license. You are not left alone in an ongoing fight with a service provider. 

Best Quality

Nothing in this life is guaranteed, but you are certain to get the best quality work from a licensed, certified contractor. The license signals that the contractor is willing to be evaluated and regulated by an outside authority. 

Contrast that with a handyman service or, far worse, a storm-chasing roofer from out of state. You contract with one of them to do a job, they do it poorly, and then what? Where can you turn if you have an unlicensed, out-of-state contractor? You have no physical address to go to, no licensing organization to complain to; you are stuck

Roofing is a skilled trade. You probably do not shop around for the least expensive surgeon or hope for a cheap brake job on your family car. Roofers train and acquire valuable skills and deserve to be paid for their talents. If you want the best quality, work with a contractor who hires the best roofers and pays them what they deserve. 

Manufacturer Approved

Besides a state license, most professional roofers have affiliations with major roofing materials manufacturers. These certifications cover many aspects of the work:

  • Materials handling
  • Installation methods
  • Innovative tools and techniques
  • Repairs that uphold the warranty

For example, being certified as an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred contractor means Alan’s Roofing has met high expectations from one of the world’s leading makers of roofing materials. The title is not an easy one to earn, and we are very proud of it. 

Other affiliations and professional recognition help you to know your licensed, certified contractor has endured ups and downs in a complex business. Alan’s Roofing can draw on more than 30 years of experience in residential roofing. We are affiliated with the Central Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Association (CFRSA) and routinely win Readers Choice awards in area publications. 

We are proud of our community involvement and many connections to other skilled professionals. 

Four Benefits

Four benefits of working with a licensed, certified roofer for repair or complete roof replacement are:

  1. Peace of mind — You know this roofer has been trusted with many other roofing projects and has operated in an ethical and honest manner throughout
  2. High quality — With both the state and professional organizations (such as the National Roofing Contractors Association or NRCA) keeping watch, the roofer’s work is consistently excellent, with high customer satisfaction
  3. First time — The job you need performed is done right, the first time, with little or no need for callbacks or complaints; if you do have an issue, the roofer will make things right so that you are completely satisfied
  4. Economy — A highly skilled professional roofer can install a moderately priced roofing product so well that you can get years and years of trouble-free service from it, while a contractor of low quality can ruin extremely expensive roofing materials

Other benefits of using licensed, certified contractors for your roof repair, replacement, and inspection accrue along with those four great rewards. 

Think about your roofing warranty; if you let a handyman service or a storm-chaser work on your roof, you may unintentionally void the warranty. Then, later, if you need to make a claim on that warranty, you will be turned down. Why? Someone without proper credentials worked on the roof and voided the warranty. Homeowners in central Florida know to turn to Alan’s Roofing when they face roof leaks, roof repairs, or complete roof replacement. Contact us today to learn about our credentials, long list of satisfied customers, or our 30+ years of roofing experience.