What To Do After Your Flat Roof Is Damaged By Storms

Central Florida is known for getting some pretty awful storms, and when they roll through your area, you will likely worry about your commercial property. Heavy downpours, high winds, and hail can all wreak havoc on your flat roof, exposing your property to water damage.

So, what if these storms damage your flat roof? Will your insurer pay for your roof replacement? Insurance policies usually cover financial losses caused by storm damage. Getting your claim approved is not always a simple and straightforward process.

In the end, it depends on the severity of the storm and the condition of your flat roof before it was damaged by the storm. Policies also vary widely in terms of what perils are covered, the coverage limit, and your deductible.

What To Do After Storm Damage

Big storms come with violent winds and heavy downpours which can ruin any flat roof. Insurance is a great way to guard yourself from huge financial losses when a storm hits your commercial property. As a commercial property owner or manager, here is how you should handle a storm situation and file a storm damage roof insurance claim.

Call Your Insurance Provider

The first step to take after storm damage is to notify your insurance agent to start the claim process. Go over your insurance policy to see what is covered, what is not, and your deductible. A typical policy should offer compensation if your flat roof gets damaged by a storm.

However, your roof must have been in good shape prior to the storm. This is why it’s important to schedule periodic roof inspection and maintenance by a certified contractor. Insurance typically covers accidental and unpredictable damages. So, if your roof gives in due to natural wear and tear, poor maintenance, or neglect, your insurer will likely deny your claim.

Moreover, you need to document the loss you suffered as a result of the storm. Take clear photos of the damage before moving or removing anything, and document any extra costs you incur because of the storm damage.

Call Your Roofing Contractor

After the insurance company, the next person to call is your roofer to inspect the damage and help restore your roof as quickly as possible. They will usually coordinate with your insurance provider concerning the work to be done to your roof, so make sure your roofing contractor is on the grounds when the insurance adjuster arrives.

Your roofer will thoroughly inspect the damage and issue an estimate for repairs or replacement. Since roofing professionals are highly experienced in inspecting roofs, they will help you create a detailed scope of the damage to your roof and what it will cost to repair or replace it.

Some insurance providers will come up with excuses your flat roof was poorly constructed or maintained and deny your claim. So, you need to work closely with your roofer to provide evidence of certified installation and/or periodic maintenance reports.

Safety Considerations after Storm Damage

Before going out or allowing your maintenance team to inspect the roof, be sure to prioritize safety. Check the local news to make sure the storm has subsided and your area is safe. Watch out for hazards such as exposed nails and broken glass.

Always assume downed power lines are energized and dangerous. You and your staff should stay well away and inform the police and utility company. Nobody should step on standing water, particularly if you notice nearby downed power lines.

Heavy downpours and high winds can also create physical hazards such as roofing materials collapsing, walls coming down, or windows getting shattered. If possible, let everyone evacuate the property until your roofer has inspected the roof.

Schedule Quick Restoration

A flat roof can sustain greater damage if it isn’t repaired quickly. Your commercial building can also suffer interior damage if you wait longer to restore the roofing system. Any time delay creates a potential for mold and mildew growth, which can quickly compromise the structural integrity of your commercial building. It’s critical to address and remedy storm damage as soon as possible to avoid additional property damage and health risks.

Choose a Certified Roofing Contractor to Restore Your Flat Roof!

It’s important to work with a professional and trustworthy roofing contractor to help you recover your property after storm damage. Poor or incomplete restoration by storm chasers will only leave you with an unhealthy structure.

At Alan’s Roofing in Central Florida, we can take the restoration responsibility off of your shoulders. Contact us today to begin the conversation with one of our experienced roofing consultants.