What Is Hurricane Preparedness For My Residential Home?

Florida enjoys nearly tropical temperatures and abundant sunshine. It also, though, must endure the other climate extreme: hurricanes. What is hurricane preparedness, and how can you ensure your central Florida home is braced for Mother Nature’s worst weather?

Semper Paratus

The motto of the United States Coast Guard is Semper Paratus, Latin for “Always Ready.” You would do well to make that your family motto, too. Hurricane preparedness means planning for the worst weather and being grateful you do not get it. 

Typical issues with hurricanes are power loss, flooding, high winds, windborne debris, and the need to evacuate your home on short notice. Make your home and family ready to handle Florida’s next hurricane using sensible precautions and planning. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) offers this outline:

  • Make a Plan — Hurricane season is from June 1 to November 30.
  • Gather Emergency Supplies — Food, drinking water, medicines, power sources, first aid kit.
  • Know the difference between a hurricane “watch” and “warning” — A warning means a hurricane is expected to hit.
  • Get your car ready — Have a full gas tank, emergency kit, and the vehicle covered until needed.
  • Get your family and pets ready — Review the emergency plan with your family and have a plan to remove pets to a safe location.
  • Get your home ready — Clear the yard of anything the wind could weaponize; cover up windows and doors; know how to turn off your power (in case lines fall); fill clean containers with drinking water.
  • Be ready to evacuate or stay at home — Listen to and follow advice from local authorities.

Roof Readiness

Storm shutters, plywood, and a lot of long screws are wonderful for your doors and windows, but how do you get your roof ready for a hurricane? You work with your local residential roofer to have your central Florida home’s roof inspected and maintained every year. 

A huge help in handling hurricanes is to reinforce your roof before storms come. Your roofer can help with this. Your home in central Florida can be protected by the full range of roofing services offered by Alan’s Roofing. Contact us today to schedule a free quote on roofing and ensure your home is prepared to handle the next hurricane.