When you need roofing work or other home-building projects done, you might have noticed that they take longer than usual these days. Many homeowners are frustrated with having to wait so long for these projects to be done, so you’re not alone. Understanding supply shortages and longer wait times can help ease your frustration at having roofing projects take a higher amount of time than usual.

Adjust Your Expectations

You’ve had to deal with delays in other areas of your life before. For example, your doctor might need to see someone with a more severe health issue while you wait to have a minor one treated, such as a sore throat. Knowing that there are valid reasons for delays can help you adjust your expectations and feel less frustrated. When it comes to roofing, delays have been happening due to the following reasons.

Supply Shortages

The roofing industry has been experiencing supply shortages as factories have closed within the past couple of years. This has led to delays in obtaining materials for roofing projects, such as certain kinds of metals, wood, and other roofing materials.

Driver and Employee Shortages

Having roofing materials shipped for your roofing project can take longer due to driver shortages. The trucking industry has been experiencing driver shortages, which can lead to delays in moving materials from one location to another. Employee shortages can also affect the timeline for roofing projects.

Rising Diesel Prices

While driver shortages have been affecting roofing projects, the cost of fuel has another effect. Diesel prices have been rising at rapid rates, making it more costly to have roofing materials and supplies transported. This can affect the overall cost of your roofing project.

Rising Material Prices

It’s not just fuel costs that have been leading to increases in roofing project costs. Prices on roofing materials have also been rising. Some roofers, including Alan’s Roofing, try to find the best prices for customers in order to keep costs down.

Although we all have to adjust expectations because of all of the changes, keep in mind that roofing projects can still be completed and completed to customer satisfaction! Focusing on what we can accomplish leads to better communication and a chance to move projects along faster, which improves overall outcomes.

If you need roofing work done, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Alan’s Roofing. Our roofers in Central Florida offer roofing installations, repairs, and more.