Ask These 16 Questions Before Hiring Your Roofing Contractor

First dates are nerve-wracking. What do you say? While plenty of online help is available for first date folks, what do you ask a roofing contractor? A date is one night, but a roof is a commitment of at least 20 years! Try these 16 questions before hiring a roofing contractor for your central Florida home. 

Tell Us a Little About Yourself

Ask the following five questions to better understand the roofing contractor’s company, its past, and its reputation. The last thing you need is for a roofer to evaporate a year or two after an installation; who will come back to fix your roof?

  1. Are you local to me? — Always get a local, physical address so, if you need to, you can go knock on a door with a concern, complaint, or compliment.
  2. How long have you been in business? — Nobody wants to be a surgeon’s first patient, and no homeowner wants to be a roofer’s first roof; Alan’s Roofing has been in business since 1987.
  3. Who, exactly, will be installing my roof? — Some roofers hire day workers or subcontractors to handle the workload; you want trained roofers working directly for the company you signed a contract with.
  4. What training and experience does the crew have? — Day workers hired by some roofers start their workday in a big-box home improvement store’s parking lot, waiting for any contractor to hire them for whatever work is available. Always ask if the roofing crew has received factory training.
  5. Which past customers can I talk to? — A roofer unwilling to provide customer testimonials, a photo gallery of finished roofs, or case studies is a roofer with something to hide.

Show Us Yours

Hey, hey, hey now! We’re talking about paperwork here. Ask your prospective roofer for:

  1. Proof of state licensure — Alan’s Roofing, for example, proudly displays Florida Roofing Contractor License #CCC046942; don’t take our word for it when you can see for yourself.
  2. Liability insurance — A roofer’s customers must be protected from accidents and injuries caused by the contractor; ask for evidence of this protection.
  3. Workers Compensation insurance — Similarly, you need to be protected against a worker’s lien placed on your home because of a legal dispute between a contractor and employees.
  4. Permitting — Requirements vary by municipality, but the roofer should bear the burden of pulling building permits as needed.
  5. Written Estimate — Never accept an oral estimate; get everything in writing. Ensure the written estimate includes a detailed Scope of Work (a complete description of materials and work to be done).
  6. Workmanship Warranty — Most roofing manufacturers warrant, or insure, their materials for defects; a good roofing contractor will stand by the installation and provide a written workmanship warranty protecting you from installation errors.

Safe Roofing

Safety in roofing is so important we feel it deserves special mention. Ask your roofer for specifics about:

  1. Worker safety — What steps does the roofer take to ensure worker safety on the job site? Do workers receive safety training, personal protective equipment, and safety hardware like fall arrest gear?.
  2. Family safety — Your family must live and play underneath the roof while it is being worked on. Ask for details about safety measures the roofer takes to ensure your children, pets, elderly family members, and everyone is safe. Magnetic brooms, tarps, periodic site cleanup, and constant communication are only some things good roofers use.

Done Deal

Before signing off on a contract for roofing work, consider asking these questions about the actual job: 

  1. Scheduling — When can you schedule this major roofing project? Will I be waiting a few days, a week, more than a month?
  2. Duration — How long would you estimate the job to take? Most reroofing jobs can be completed within two days, but some work is more complicated, and repair jobs may only take part of one day; if in doubt, ask!
  3. Disposal — A good price on a roofing project is no good if you have to cart away the debris after the job; make sure your written estimate includes carting fees and proper, environmentally sound disposal or recycling of all building materials.

For large roofing projects, get three roofing contractors to provide written estimates. Compare their work, their company history, and their reputations. 

Your central Florida home must have a roof you can trust, installed and repaired by a roofer you can trust. The 16 questions we have provided will give you a good start on finding that trustworthy, local, reliable roofer. Your central Florida home has a strong ally in Alan’s Roofing. We can care for your home’s roof, preserve it, repair it, and replace it when necessary. Contact us today before you consider hiring any other roofing contractor. We are ready to add beauty, value, and protection to your home today.