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Roofing is a dangerous profession. Unfortunately, accidents can happen when your roofing contractor is executing various tasks such as roof installation, repair, inspection, maintenance, or replacement. This is why it’s critical to have a reliable roofer who is licensed and insured to handle the work needed for your roof. The first thing you must do before hiring a roofing contractor is to ask them to show proof of license and insurance. Typically, your roofer must carry two vital types of insurance: workers’ compensation insurance and liability insurance.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Your roofer should have valid worker’s compensation insurance to provide services for you. If the roofing contractor has a worker who suffers an accident while on your property, you could be held liable for the injury. The injured employee or their family could try to sue you for the injury since it happened on your property. However, if your roofing company has valid worker’s compensation coverage, you (the homeowner) are protected.

Worker’s compensation insurance will protect you from costly doctor’s bills, emergency room visits, or other expenses from the accident.

Liability Insurance

If your roofing contractor makes a mistake while installing a new roof, performing maintenance, or repairing your current roof, their professional liability insurance will protect you from having to cover their mistakes. For instance, if your roofing contractor is repairing a portion of your roof and they accidentally damage something, the liability insurance should cover it. If your roofing contractor doesn’t have liability insurance, you might find yourself facing a huge bill not only to repair the original problem, but also to fix the new damages.

How to Verify Your Roofer’s Insurance 

When you meet with your roofer to get your estimate, be sure to get copies of the insurance certificate upfront and ascertain it’s valid.

You also need to find out whether the roofer you hire will complete the work inhouse or if they will hire a subcontractor for anything. If they plan to hire a subcontractor, you need to ensure their insurance is valid as well. Additionally, verify whether your roofer is required to have a roofing contractor license to operate in your city/state. If they do, check with your local licensing offices, or through the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation website, to ensure the roofer’s license is up to date is free of any outstanding violations. 

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