Is It Possible For Your Leaking Roof To Collapse?

When homeowners find a roof leak, they sometimes wonder whether their roof might collapse. The good news is while possible, it is a rare occurrence. Minor leaks don’t typically lead to roof collapse as long as you address them properly. But what does it involve? How do you address a roof leak and make sure your home isn’t at risk for a roof collapse? Keep reading to learn all about leaks, collapsed roofs, and how to protect yourself.

The Causes of Collapsed Roofs

Under the shingles, your roof consists of a layer of wood known as the roof deck. If this wood is continually exposed to moisture, it will eventually rot. Once the wood is rotten, it becomes weak. Sometimes, a weak and rotten roof deck will crack extensively, leading to a roof collapse. The collapse may occur when a tree branch falls on a damaged roof deck or when too much heavy snow builds up on the roof.

It takes more than a minor leak to lead to roof collapse, though. For the roof deck to rot extensively enough to cause a collapse, it needs to be wet for a long time — months, or even years.

Preventing Roof Collapse

You can prevent roof collapse by contacting your roofer as soon as you notice a minor leak. Don’t ignore the leak until it grows larger. By that point, your roof deck may already be rotten and weak, not to mention all of the mold growing in your home.

Roof leaks are not always as obvious as you’d think. Keep an eye out for the following signs of a leak:

  • Muggy, humid air in the attic
  • Discolored spots on your ceiling or at the top of a wall
  • Dark spots on your attic ceiling
  • Missing or torn shingles

If you catch a leak early, your roofer can typically replace the damaged shingles or flashing without replacing any of the roof deck (you’ll also have less damage inside your home). On the other hand, if a leak has persisted, your roofer may need to replace part of the roof deck. Having the roof deck repaired while the damage is minor will prevent a collapse.If you discover a roof leak, quick action will prevent collapse. Contact Alan’s Roofing if you need roof repairs in Central Florida. Our knowledgeable roofers can inspect your roof and recommend the best course of action.