Alans Roofing Blog. Re-roofing your house: Can it be done in sections?

As a homeowner, have you ever wondered if a roof can be replaced in sections? For example, assume that your roof suffers severe damage only in one relatively small area. Does your entire roof require replacement? Or can you save time and money by removing and replacing only the damaged portion?

Re-roofing a specific section can be done without removing the entire roof. This answer may surprise many homeowners. However, a knowledgeable and experienced roofing professional like Alan’s Roofing will have the tools, equipment, and expertise to re-roof the impacted area without requiring an entirely new roof.

The Benefits Of Re-roofing A Residential Roof In Sections

Replacing a roof in specific areas will save you money in the short term. A patch job also helps your existing roof stay intact, especially if it has a lot of remaining life. Why pay more for a replacement when a “simple” repair will provide better value?

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4 Challenges With Re-roofing Only A Part Of An Existing Roof

Although replacing only the damaged portion of a roof seems feasible, many obstacles may arise immediately or in the future. Evaluate the following considerations:

1. A New Section May Compromise The Integrity Of Your Overall Roof

A homeowner may choose to re-roof only the damaged area of a roof to save money. However, many homeowners don’t realize a roof is a synchronized system. Replacing only a section may result in structural instability in the remaining roof.

2. Dividing Your Roof Into Sections May Prove More Costly In The Long Term

Re-roofing only the damaged area of your existing roof may save thousands of dollars in the short range. But your remaining roof will likely need replacement before the re-roofed section. When that time comes, you’ll likely have to replace the entire roof.

3. Matching A New Section With An Existing One May Be Impossible

Mismatched sections of a roof do not provide added curb appeal. Actually, the reverse effect occurs. A new section that appears different from the original will distract you, your home’s occupants and guests, and potential home buyers when you pursue selling your home.

4. Understanding The Remaining Lifespan Of Your Roof May Prove Challenging

Assume your architectural asphalt shingle roof is 15 years old. A powerful thunderstorm blows through your neighborhood. About ⅓ of your roof suffers tangible damage, requiring a re-roof. The remainder is intact. Now, how old is your roof after the re-roofed portion?

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Finding A Re-Roofing Specialist In Florida

Central Florida homeowners can depend on Alan’s Roofing to offer expert re-roofing skills. We know how to re-roof damaged sections of a roof while maintaining a consistent look and feel. You won’t be able to tell the difference between the re-roofed area and the remaining existing roof. We’ll deliver a seamless and permanent solution.

If you have questions about the re-roofing process or want to learn more about our award-winning residential roofing services, contact Alan’s Roofing today. We’ll schedule an appointment and provide you with a free roofing estimate.