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The repair of roof shingles is not a home improvement task that can be put off indefinitely. The timing of your repair depends on many factors but the most important are the extent of the damage and the weather conditions. 

Weather Conditions

In most of the country roof repairs are seasonal but Florida’s sunshine and warmth make year-round repairs possible. Even in temperate weather there are times of the year that are better for shingle repairs than others. The bigger concern in Florida is the rain. 

Shingles should not be repaired in the rain. A roof is always dangerous but it becomes a very slippery slope when wet. You also do not want other materials — underlayment, water and ice shield, caulk — to get wet during roof repair. 

Schedule shingle roof repair for warm months with low probabilities of precipitation. In central Florida (places like Apopka and Brooksville), that means April and May are good, as are October and November, according to U.S. Climate Data. 

Damage Concerns

When considering the timing for repairs you have to decide how urgent the repair is. Your roof is asking for immediate shingle roof repair with these signs:

  • Leaks inside your living space
  • Visible damage when viewed from your yard (missing, bent, cracked, or dented shingles)
  • Signs of mold or wood rot in your attic space
  • Granules in your gutters
  • Pieces of shingle in your yard, as you might find after high winds or severe thunderstorms

Unfortunately many shingle roof repair issues are not visible from the ground or from an extension ladder. You could have problems with flashing, ridge vents, underlayment, sheathing, or field shingles, or other problems you cannot diagnose.

The best way to know if your shingles need repair work is to contact your neighborhood roofer for an inspection. Your roofer can help you determine:

  • If repairs are needed
  • If full roof replacement is a better investment
  • If leaving your roof untouched is best 

Inspections after major storms are always a wise choice. The small expenditure you lay out for your roofer’s visit yields enormous benefits like peace of mind and a long-lasting shingle roof. For your Central Florida home, Alan’s Roofing is your roof’s best friend. Contact us today to work with us for all your roofing needs.