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Remember Lego bricks? Those tiny, interlocking plastic blocks allowed you to make just about anything. Sure, as adults, we dread stepping on them in our bare feet, but as kids, we loved to snap the bricks together. You could make a house or even a palace and snap together individual sloping bricks to make the roof. Can we still do that today, as adults? Can we replace our roof in sections? 

Coffee Table

Consider a typical coffee table’s surface area. If your roof has damage limited to that size, you can probably have it promptly repaired by a local, helpful roofer. The roofer will check the damaged area and its surroundings to ensure you have no problems with rafters, sheathing, or underlayment. Then individual shingles or metal panels are replaced. 

Such a localized repair job could be required if a tree branch snaps off and hits just a part of your roof. You know the cause of the damage; you have a sense most of the roof is fine. Your roofer will repair only damaged areas where repairs are needed. This will save you money and reduce the time needed for the repair. 

Sight Unseen

Limiting repairs to a small, visible area could hide pervasive, invisible damage. Damage can spread not only across the roof but it can also spread down through the roof’s several layers:

  • Is the underlayment torn, full of holes, or missing altogether?
  • Is sheathing saturated, chewed by pests, warped, or allowing daylight to peek through into your attic?
  • Are your rafters cracked, split, rotted, water-logged, or covered in mold and mildew?
  • Is your attic insulation soaked, moldy, or heavy with animal droppings?

Two other downsides to replacing a roof in sections are warranty discrepancies and different ages of the roof sections. 


Suppose you have five or six roof areas needing replacement due to hail damage, wind uplift, or a hurricane’s one-two punch. 

Scattered damage over large portions of your roof should not be repaired in sections. You will save money and get a better roof by having complete roof replacement done by a reliable neighborhood roofer, usually in about a day. You save no time having your local roofer perform patchwork repairs. Replacing half a roof is only slightly less costly than replacing a whole roof. Please contact us today at Alan’s Roofing to hear about other cost-effective ways to protect your Central Florida home.