Blog Alans Maintenance 4 17 2023

The roof of your home or building plays an essential role in keeping the interior safe and dry. You might not think about your roof much until something goes wrong. When that happens, you could be looking at costly repairs. Roof maintenance can help you avoid these problems in the first place. Having your residential or commercial roof maintained provides a few significant benefits.

Identify Visible Signs of Damage

You might spot certain signs of roof damage from the ground. For example, you might notice a shingle or two missing after a storm when you look up at your roof. Since getting on your roof is hazardous, other signs of damage might not be simple to spot.

Roofing contractors performing maintenance can go on your roof to look for any visible damage. This includes damage that you can’t see from down below. If your roofers find any noticeable damage, they can determine the cause. This knowledge helps them figure out the best way to repair your roof.

Find Hidden Types of Damage

In some cases, roof damage isn’t easy to catch. Residential and commercial roofing systems are made up of several components. Some of these can develop damage that’s hidden or hard to spot. For example, you might have a roof leak that has led to wood rot in part of your roof.

Roofing contractors have the expertise to find damage that might otherwise go undetected for a long time. When they find hidden damage, they can address these issues right away. Roof maintenance provides an excellent way to have experienced roofers look for this kind of damage.

Prevent Additional Damage

A minor problem with your roof can turn into a much bigger one over time. Minor roof leaks that go undetected for months can cause several issues, from hazardous mold growth to wood rot that weakens your roofing system.

How can you ensure your roof isn’t hiding any issues that could end up causing additional damage? Scheduling maintenance means you can have a team of roofers inspect your roof and address any problems they find. This can help lower your risk of needing expensive repairs done later on.

Prolong Your Roof’s Life Expectancy

Residential and commercial roofing systems have varying lifespans, depending on their material and other factors. However, even the most durable roof will eventually reach the end of its life. Skipping roof maintenance can cause your roof to wear out sooner than expected.

Regular maintenance involves inspecting roofs and taking care of any minor or major issues. Doing this regularly can help the roof of your home or building last longer. With a prolonged life expectancy, you’ll be able to wait longer before having your roof replaced.

What to Expect

When you schedule maintenance on your roof, what happens during this visit? Your roofing contractor will thoroughly inspect your roof to evaluate its condition and check for damage. Remember that even a newer roof might have minor issues that should be addressed sooner rather than later.

What kinds of damage do roofers look for during maintenance? Some common types of damage include broken or missing shingles, gutter issues, and problems with flashing. To prevent leaks, your roofing contractors will check for rust or other signs of damage on flashing, which is the metal that goes around chimneys and vents.

Gutter problems typically include dents, blockages due to debris, and sagging gutter systems. Other kinds of damage your roofing contractor will look for include roof leaks, granule piles in gutters from worn shingles, and sagging areas.

When to Schedule Roof Maintenance

If you haven’t had roof maintenance done in a while or ever, you should have it scheduled as soon as possible. This helps ensure that roofing issues are found and handled before they cause extensive damage.

Having maintenance done before hurricane season starts is also a good idea. Central Florida gets plenty of torrential downpours while also being at risk of hurricanes and tropical storms. Regular maintenance is a great way to make sure your roof is ready to handle this kind of weather.

Who to Call

It’s important to have an experienced local roofer do maintenance on your roof. Whether you live in a home or own a commercial building, the right roofing contractor can provide peace of mind that your roof stays in good condition over the years.

Alan’s Roofing has been a trusted roofing contractor in Central Florida since 1987. Our family-owned and operated roofing company is fully licensed and insured. We never use subcontractors for roofing maintenance or other roofing services. When you hire us, our employees handle all of your roofing needs. If you need to set up residential or commercial roof maintenance, please contact Alan’s Roofing.