What Is A Roof Repair From Storm Damage Like?

Storms can mess up your roof in many ways. Even if the storm does not produce a volley of hail or torrents of rain, high wind alone can cause significant damage to your roof to warrant repairs or replacement. So, after a hurricane, tornado, thunderstorm, or hailstorm, call your roofing contractor to thoroughly assess the condition of your roof and recommend if there are any repairs needed.

How Storm Damage Roof Repair Looks Like

When a violent storm sweeps through your area, it can tear off shingles and expose your roof to the elements. Shingles can also be punctured by flying debris or hailstones, resulting in leaks. Sometimes, a storm can leave the roofing seams misaligned, allowing rainwater to penetrate the interior of your home.

If you notice any signs of roof damage after a storm, the first person to contact is your insurance provider to file a claim. Your standard property insurance should cover the cost of roof repair provided it’s damaged by a covered peril, such as hailstorms, high winds, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

Next, call your roofer to come over to your home and assess the extent of damage and provide a detailed estimate on what it costs to restore your roof to its original functional and aesthetic state. Reputable roofers will also help you through the insurance claim process to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

How to Determine the Cost of Storm Damage Roof Repair

Generally, the cost of storm damage roof restoration is higher than the cost of regular repairs due to the urgency of the matter. However, the actual cost of repair will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The Type of Roof: If your roof has a unique shape or cumbersome roofing materials which may make repairs challenging, the cost of restoration can get higher. Repairing a roof with a complex shape or high pitch will require additional labor and material, increasing the overall cost of repair.
  • Type of Roofing Material: Matching your existing roofing material—whether it’s tile, slate, asphalt, or metal—is essential in ensuring your home remains protected from the elements while maintaining a consistent look. If your existing roofing material is no longer available on the market, the cost of repair can escalate.
  • The Extent of Damage: The size of your roof which needs repair will determine how much the project costs. Replacing a few damaged shingles costs much less than replacing an entire roof plane.
  • Roof Penetrations: Chimneys, vents, skylights, and other roof penetrations can significantly increase the cost of restoration. Your roofer will work with diligence navigating these structures, which increases labor cost.

Whenever you encounter problems with your roof after a storm, be sure to engage the services of an experienced local roofer for expert restoration. At Alan’s Roofing, we are a trusted storm damage restoration company in Central Florida and surrounding areas. Our roofing specialists can help you navigate the entire process and restore your roof to as good as new condition. Contact us today for a free roofing inspection!