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One of the most common questions people ask when preparing for a roof replacement is, “How long will it take?” Roof replacement is a noisy and inconvenient process, and homeowners want to get it done as soon as possible. While an average residential roof takes about a day to install, some factors could make your roof replacement longer. Material shortages are a big factor. If a roofing contractor can’t get materials from their suppliers, then your roof project will take longer.

The Extent of the Work

The level of work can determine the length of time it takes to install your new roof. Generally, the larger your home is, the longer it will take to tear off the old roof and install the new one. For instance, installation can take a day for a home with less than 1200 sq. ft. and several for a home with an area of 3200 sq. ft.

If the roof deck is damaged, replacing it can significantly prolong the project duration. The crew would have to tear off the old sheets of sheathing, and an additional delay could be caused by the need to buy more material.

Type of Roofing Material Used

Certain roofing materials will take longer to install because they need more care. Asphalt shingles are the easiest to install, making it possible to complete the job in a day or two.

Other roofing materials, such as metal and tiles, require more precision work and careful installation. It will also take longer to tear off an existing roof made from a complicated material like ceramic or concrete tiles or a green roof.


The height and details of your roof can increase the complexity of the installation and add time to the project. If your home is two stories tall and the roof has a high number of valleys, hips, penetrations, ridges, and dormers, you can expect the job to take more time. These details slow things down because they’re most susceptible to leaks, and roofers have to give more attention to details to ensure the long-term protection of the vulnerable areas.

Safe access is another factor which will affect your roof replacement timeline. A higher roof or too steep to walk across will require roofers to use additional safety equipment and move slower. A straightforward roof can make for a quick installation.

The Weather

No matter how straightforward your roof replacement is, a spell of bad weather can cause havoc with your project. Roof replacement is best done in warm, dry conditions, but Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. Heavy or intermittent rain or high winds can stretch the process out a bit longer.

However, if the weather turns bad during the replacement, the roofers will place a sturdy tarp over your exposed roof until the weather clears up. To ensure complete satisfaction with your roof replacement in Central Florida, turn to the reliable professionals at Alan’s Roofing. We can work with your schedule and do a superior job in the shortest possible time. Contact us today to schedule a free roofing estimate of both cost and time.