Is Storm Damage Considered An Act Of God?

Disastrous events can occur when you least expect them. When storm damage happens outside of human control, it is considered an Act of God. These are typically accidents or events which emanate from natural causes without any human intervention. In other words, an Act Of God is something which couldn’t have been avoided by any reasonable foresight or care.

For example, insurance providers often consider storms, floods, and earthquakes to be an Act of God. Fire may also be considered an Act of God if it starts from lightning strikes and not from human activity, such as faulty electrical wiring.

Acts of God and Homeowners Insurance

Most standard homeowner’s insurance policies cover natural disasters such as hurricanes, lightning, and tornados. Natural events caused by earthquakes or floods are not often covered under standard homeowner’s policies. You can, however, purchase separate flood insurance or add earthquake coverage to your homeowner’s policy.

Although most homeowner’s insurance policies cover common Acts of God, it’s always a good idea to make sure your policy has adequate property insurance and other structures coverage.

Read Your Policy Fine Prints

Every insurance provider and each policy has its specific definitions and coverage when it comes to “Acts of God.” Be sure to read through the fine prints of your policy to understand what is listed specifically as an Act of God and what isn’t.

For example, if a tree falls on your roof due to a wind storm and causes damage to your home, your homeowner’s insurance should typically cover the damage. However, it probably won’t cover it if the tree was partially cut and ready to fall or if it was rotten and in bad shape before the windstorm. Always keep your property in good condition to minimize potential risks.

Insurance companies may also exclude damage which occurs to a poorly maintained or otherwise neglected roofing system. This is why you should schedule regular roof inspections and document every maintenance work done on your roof.

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