Alans Blog The Importance of Hiring a Professional for Roof Maintenance: Ensuring Safety and Longevity

Most people understand and accept that cheaper doesn’t always mean better. However, consumers’ buying habits often don’t reflect this commonly held belief. Quite the contrary. 

Many times, individuals will gravitate toward the service provider who offers to do the job for the lowest price regardless of perceived qualifications. Unfortunately, cut-rate pricing won’t meet the need if the service provider lacks the knowledge and experience to complete the work proficiently.

Routinely, homeowners will involve a “trusted” handyman to address a roof maintenance or repair issue, especially if the job is “relatively minor.” Often, a handyman can undercut the price a roofing company would charge. In almost all instances, handymen are not subject to the stringent standards and regulatory oversight required of licensed roofing contractors. Consequently, the average handyman incurs lower overhead expenses and can pass on those “savings” to customers.

Why Hiring A Handyman Instead Of A Roofer May Not Be Advisable

Flashing benders, hammer tacker staplers, air compressors, roof shovels, roofing hatchets, scissors lifts, and roofing shovels. Does your handyman own all of these tools? Do they own any of them? Most handymen don’t possess the tools to repair a roof correctly and efficiently. That’s a fact.

In almost all states and localities, handymen do not have licensing, insurance, or workers’ compensation requirements. Accordingly, a handyman could suffer a severe injury on your property through no fault of your own and hold you liable. You cannot afford to risk hiring a handyman for roof work.

The bottom line is that a handyman may exacerbate a roofing problem if they cannot resolve it. Many handymen have little to no background knowledge in roofing. Typically, they are generalists. They do a little bit of everything and have mastered nothing. Roof maintenance and repairs require expertise.

Fully licensed roofing contractors undergo extensive training to test their knowledge and skills before entering the workforce. Handymen are not subject to these parameters. Thus, they likely lack the education needed to ensure the repair or maintenance job receives the best possible results.

Roofing jacks, safety kits, absorbing lanyards, anchor points, safety harnesses, and roofing guardrails are all necessary. A reputable professional roofing company will possess this type of safety equipment and know how to use it. Even an established handyman is unlikely to own roofing-specific safety equipment.

damaged roof
damaged roof

Common Problems When Hiring A Handyman For Roof Maintenance Or Repair

repaired roof
repaired roof

A handyman is not required to have formal education or training before opening a handyman business. That is fine for some things, but when it comes to the roof over your head, it is prudent to hire someone with more training and experience.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Don’t depend on a handyman to automatically understand the intricacies of roofing.

The neighborhood handyman may lack the focus and motivation to complete a job efficiently and effectively, especially if they encounter problem areas that are much larger than expected.

How Come Homeowners Are Better Off Hiring A Roofing Contractor

If you are considering a handyman instead of a roofing company, don’t expect them to know the importance of angles and slopes of gutters. Don’t expect them to understand the numerous roofing challenges that soffit or fascia issues create. Don’t expect them to identify often hidden flashing problems quickly and accurately. Certainly, don’t expect them to understand the safe weight loads for your roof & whether it can handle the roofing materials you’d like to use. Swim to safer waters. 

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