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Homes in central Florida are gloriously diverse, from shingle-capped one-story homes to Spanish-style homes with concrete tile roofs. Still, roof replacement comes to every home eventually, regardless of whether your home has a metal, shingle, tile, or a “flat” roof. What is included in roof replacement performed by Alan’s Roofing

All the Same

For a shingle, concrete tile, or metal roof replacement, many of your home’s roof features are all the same. Some minor differences pop up (metal roofing usually involves battens on the roof deck, for instance). Still, except for low-slope or “flat” roofing, the layers and components on your home’s roof are:

  • Rafters — wood framing members providing the pitch, or angle, and supporting the roof itself
  • Roof Deck — sheets of plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) nailed to the rafters and holding up the roof; together with the rafters, this is your roof’s deck
  • Underlayment rolled waterproof felt that seals around nail holes and staples
  • Ice and water — thicker, self-adhesive waterproof material that adds an extra layer of protection in valleys and at your roof’s edge
  • Flashing — Thin metal (or sometimes flexible plastic and rubber) that bridges gaps in your roof, as between chimneys and the roof deck
  • Ventilation — Using gable vents, ridge vents, or electromechanical fans, your roof must have air constantly circulating through it

Every facet of your roof can be replaced (or, sometimes, repaired) during a complete roof replacement. For example, rafters that cup, bow, sag, or are split can be replaced or sistered. Decking that is rotten, mold-covered, or damaged can be ripped up and replaced. Generally, ice and water shield is not removed, but underlayment is always taken up and replaced. 

Low-slope or so-called “flat” roofing on residences differs significantly from steep-slope materials. You need a highly qualified, experienced roofer to provide a new low-slope roof since the features and layers are not common to shingles, metal, or concrete tile. 

One System

All the various layers and components of your roof make one system that sheds water, shelters your home, and safeguards your family and possessions. 

A good roof fends off high winds, heavy rains, and even hurricanes and stands ready to tackle the next storm. You and your family enjoy complete peace of mind under a flawlessly installed new roof. 

On the other hand, if any part of your old roof gives you doubts — if you fear the next hurricane could rip your roof clear off your house — you need to trust your roofer completely. 

A complete roof replacement means your roofer is removing everything that could fail:

  • Tear-off includes removing metal panels, concrete tiles, or shingles to expose the underlayment
  • Tear-off includes removal of underlayment so decking can be inspected and assessed
  • Tear-off includes removal and replacement of faulty decking as needed
  • Tear-off includes pulling up and replacing drip edge, flashing, and ventilation as required

Nothing on your old roof is sacred. Everything that should be removed and replaced is mercilessly pulled up, carted away, and replaced with new materials. 


All good roofing contractors strive to satisfy their customers. Still, sometimes a roofer’s professionalism must stand in the way of a homeowner:

  • Some homeowners ask for a new shingle roof to be installed on top of the old shingle roof to save tear-off and carting costs; this is a terrible practice that results in unnecessary weight on your rafters and an early demise of the new roof
  • Some homeowners ask for metal panels or concrete tiles to be replaced piecemeal; this not only looks terrible but does not qualify as a “full roof replacement” and will not save any money in the long term
  • Some homeowners try to negotiate a portion of the work as do-it-yourself, such as letting the weekend handyman tear off the old roof; this is a poor practice that could void any new roof warranty

By all means, share your thoughts and concerns with your professional residential roofer. But be prepared to hear a polite “No” if your expectation is unreasonable, unsafe, or violates Florida’s building codes. 

Wise Choice

The choice of residential roofer is at least as important as your choice of roofing material you select for a complete roof replacement. The quality of the installation is entirely in the hands of the contractor’s crew. 

You must trust your roofer to perform the work according to the materials manufacturer’s requirements, so your new roof warranty remains in force. You need a roofer who can provide impeccable customer service. 

Look at customer reviews. Look for a roofer whose reputation is built on quality, service, and trust. If you are a homeowner in central Florida, Alan’s Roofing is your strongest ally in protecting your investment. Contact us today so we can show you how our full range of roofing services, including roof repair and complete roof replacement, benefits you.