6 Things That Will Void A Roof Warranty

Your darling kid just hit another baseball onto your Florida home’s roof. Did the ball cause damage? Are you still protected by the roofing manufacturer’s warranty? What voids a roof warranty? 

Picky, Picky, Picky

When a roof warranty is in force, it is a valuable thing. It provides protection against manufacturer defects for a specified time, and in some cases it also covers installer error.

But manufacturers of roofing materials seem to be picky, picky, picky. They rule out a lot of behaviors, problems, and conditions that will void the warranty. 

1-3. Improper

Three of the six things that will definitely void your roof warranty are all improper actions: 

  1. Improper installation — More than half the battle in getting a great roof is picking a high-quality, superb roofing contractor. Always make sure anyone working on your home is a licensed contractor. You can check here: My Florida License
  2. Improper ventilation — Lack of air circulation can destroy a roof and the roof deck
  3. Improper insulation — Too much or too little attic insulation can leave your Florida home with a broiling hot roof; roofing materials break down quickly under tremendous solar heat gain

4. Clean?

Some eager homeowners think they are helping their roofs to clamber up there and point a pressure washer at the shingles. That is a big mistake, our fourth way to void a roof warranty.
First, you should never walk on your home’s roof due to the danger. Second, a pressure washer exerts far too much force on a roof; water can get driven in under the shingles, tear holes in underlayment, and saturate the plywood sheathing. 

Hire trained professionals if you really feel your roof needs cleaning; they will use soft brushes and gentle water pressure. 

5. Slap It Down

Though some municipal codes may allow a new roof to be installed over an old one, no roofing manufacturer’s warranty allows it. That is the fifth way to void the warranty. Rather than have your roofer slap down a new roof over your old roof, slap that idea down and insist on tear-off and full roof replacement

6. Add-Ons

Satellite dishes, solar panels, skylights, radio masts, and other add-ons applied over your existing roof usually void the roof warranty. Check the fine print before you commit to any third-party contractor running carriage bolts or other hardware through your shingle roof. 

While Junior’s baseball probably will not affect your roof’s warranty, avoid the six things that will. Contact Alan’s Roofing today to learn more about your warranty, and to give us the opportunity to add beauty, value, and protection to your home.