Emergency Roofing Services in Central Florida

Roof storm damage is unfortunately a fact of life in Central Florida due to the frequency of severe storms in our area. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and even lighting have all been known to cause a wide range of roof damage, including torn-off shingles and impact from airborne debris. The resulting water intrusion can quickly cause significant water damage to your home.

24 Hour Emergency Roof Repair Services

Storm damage repair and replacement work can’t be done immediately. This is especially true during inclement weather. Until a proper repair or replacement can be arranged, we offer several services to help protect your roof and home from further damage. These emergency services include:

  • An on-the-spot professional evaluation to determine if the roof is safe
  • Covering damaged areas with roof tarps to prevent additional water infiltration
  • Providing board up services as needed to stop more water intrusion
storm damaged roof with a blue emergency roof tarp

It’s never a good idea to wait until a roofing company has time to make a full assessment when your roof needs storm damage repair. A severely damaged roof can leave your home vulnerable to water damage, not to mention it could pose a potential safety risk. The longer you go without having a professional roofing contractor evaluate your roof, the more prone it is to further damage. When you call Alan’s Roofing, we won’t leave you waiting.

When your roof has been damaged and requires emergency services, connect with Alan’s Roofing in Central Florida today.