Financing Your Roof Replacement or Repair in Orlando & Central Florida

The cost of roof replacement or repair can be high, so Alan’s Roofing wants to help. We offer stress-free financing options for homeowners throughout Central Florida. We’ll be happy to show you the best options for your specific project. We offer free estimates, and our roof experts can give you all available financing options at that time. And they are always available to answer your questions with a call or text.

Roof Financing Options

Our financing options cover work for roof repair or roof replacement. The process from roof inspection to new roof installation can seem daunting, but knowing how to pay for it can make the entire process easier. At Alan’s Roofing, we designed our financing options with you in mind. We want your roofing project to go as smoothly as possible, including the expense.

We work with EnerBank, a reputable lender that has been providing home improvement loans for over 20 years, and has approved over a million home improvement loans. They require their contractor partners to be a company with a residential home remodeling focus and a U.S.-based business that has been in operation for at least three years. (We’ve been in business for 35 years!) 

They offer low monthly payment loans, online or paper document loan processing, and fast approval that is valid for 120-180 days. For more information, visit the EnerBank Website.

hands explaining roofing financing with graphs & charts

We can also work with Florida’s Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program for customers who qualify. Homeowners should know that this financing is a ‘Debt of Property’ rather than personal debt. Because the financing is attached to the property and repaid through your property taxes, it is classified as a property assessment instead of a loan. PACE eligibility is based primarily on the amount of equity you have in your home, your ability to repay the assessment, and your mortgage payment history.  

There are some significant factors to consider with PACE financing:

  • If selling your home, the new owner can assume the assessment, or may request that you pay off the balance before closing.
  • If you default on PACE financing, it can put you at risk of foreclosure.

Pros and cons of PACE financing

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